Pars rubber Products was established in 1983 in Isfahan with the aim of producing rubber pieces types and after passing less than three decades change to the first biggest producer of rubber pieces types in Iran industry.Today,Pars rubber by relying on more than half of century of experiece in rubber industry of the country, having exprienced managers, forces and experts, utilitizing a extensive complex of manufactured farmas by CNC machines more than 60000 series and extensive facilities of turning and hobbling and using developed computers systems in all work levels with annual capacity about 500 ton is referred as one of the most developed and completed producers of rubber piecec in the country industry.This complex with the best possible from in the minimum time. Now, the big complex of Pars rubber products cooperates whit large companies in the cointry and has succeeded to recive diffrent grades and citations from valid and know companies due to quality of good and in the production section. Now, Some of companies and firms as contract are presented below:

1-Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel

2-Chadormlou industrial and mireral company

3-Petroleum refinery of Shazand-Arak

4-Ardakan pelletizing

5-Steel industries of khozestan

6-Stell industries of Khozestan

7-South Pars Gas Complex-Asalouyeh

8-Poly acryl company

9-Arak Machine manufacturing

10-Gol gohar company of sirjan

11-Iran telecommunication and tube lines company

12-Chaprang company

13-Ahvaz pipe making

14-Alloy stell of Isfahan

Also by receiving international certificate of ISO 9001, This company has performed a very important action to make itself aworld company so that it can export its proucts to European, African And Asian countries by relynig on products management and quality standars.Liste of services and produced products:

1-Production of anti-abrasion pieces in mines like loads lifter,shell plates,mills liners

2-Production of diaphragms and dust collectors types

3-Productions of more than 6000 sizes of o-ring and packing types

4-Cover of rollers types up to the lenght of 600cm and diameter of 1400 cm

5-Production of polyurethane pieces types like riddle,coumplings,pickings,etc.

6-Productions of agitator pices and guide segment

7-Rubber for pump

8-Sleeve for different valves